The Queen showed up.
The King shall return.
It’s been a long time, and now it’s time to start again.
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Keep Scrolling.
There’s something you should know.
Bringing the couch...
You can see the premiere of this new place below. When the progress ends, patiently scroll down.
Just remember,
There’s a mystery about this page.
Now, put your headphones on.
The show begins

the clouds

wander for a while

they yearn to find a place

to stay forever

they keep searching

but they will never find.

this search is forever.

but then, in one moment

they stop the search

no one can see

what happened there

all they see

is the rain.

this could be fate

or just a random happening

that brings the clouds close

it’s a blessing to be there

like a heaven in skies

the fresh air

the sounds of the flowing river

the rainbow above

the smell of wet grass

like a glance of eternity

this unlikely union comes in

out of nowhere

the wind

it blows

the irony of fate comes close

the only reason that pulled them close

is now taking them apart

the gathering of the clouds

is just for a while

and then

a moment of silence

are they ready to leave?

the clouds

worry for a while

the rays of light around


“it will be fine, dear”

the clouds

cry for a while

it’s been raining for a while

as the last drop of the rain

reaches the surface of the sea

they realize

it’s not the sea that they see

but a thousand clouds

that chose to stay.

a quiet noise


it’s not the end

it’s just the beginning

the Queen showed up

the King shall return

Time to Begin Again
About a year ago, I made a choice. I brought my portfolio website down. I looked for a reason to bring it back to life. It didn’t take me long, I had a reason about two months after. I chose a date and started to bring this place back. It didn’t happen. That reason didn’t make it. It fell apart. I just gave up. I found another reason. I started again. I was certain that I will make it this time. It was a different world, when that reason fell apart, again, in front of my eyes. I had no reason, not anymore. I had to stop. I didn’t. It was something deep inside that kept me going. Marc Byrd from Hammock describes this perfectly:
There are times when the need to create a thing begins to interrupt your life. And if you don’t give in to it, everything else starts to suffer. — Marc Byrd
The page you are looking at, was created for something, progressed for something else and finished with a burning desire that came out of nowhere.
The new website
So, where is the new website? It’s not here, not now. There will be no countdowns, not anymore. The new website will come back gradually. It will be simple, much more simpler than the last one. The initial launch will be announced on twitter.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • I remember launching Apollo 17 took about less than 9 months. What were you doing during this year?
  • I had a lot to do. Most of the work didn’t make it to this page. The first version of this page was supposed to include the first public beta of Trajectory. In the final release, I changed my mind. I removed the whole Trajectory from this page. Apart from this, I had to redesign many parts of this page, as they didn’t feel the way they should.
  • What was that gathering of the clouds?
  • In technical terms, a side project for Trajectory. It’s a part of a bigger plan. It’s supposed to create dynamic “shows”. The first release of this page had several shows beside the one you saw, like “Paradise”. It was too much for this single page. I chose to keep it simple. I removed the rest. The next version of this page was supposed to bring a personalized experience. As you see, I changed my mind again. I am planning to release them in the new website.
  • What is Trajectory?
  • A project that is considered closed-source for now. It is aimed at bringing a higher level of communications to web. The details cannot be discussed yet, but as it gets ready, the core Trajectory will be released as an open-source project here.
  • Why Trajectory is not open-source from the start?
  • Defining the target market and the distinctive purpose of this project is something that should be done before releasing the source. Like the Atom project, the core will be released after I get a well-defined version.
  • Is Trajectory a solo project?
  • The answer is yes and no. It all started with a joint-work named Memento with Sadjad Fouladi. After that I rewrote the whole trajectory from scratch. I used a different method using CSS3 animations. It was a flexible code, but it was hard to use it. As sadjad told me, I needed to start clean. So, I started again, this time I tried to keep it simple as possible. During the last year, I have removed more lines from the code, than I have added to it. Till now, it’s been almost a solo project, but I am considering to change it.
  • Can I contribute to Trajectory?
  • Definitely. After I release the core source on github, you may give pull requests. If you keep giving good pull requests, you will be added as a contributer to this project.
  • In what fields would you expect contributions to Trajectory?
  • The core Trajectory needs developers with proper knowledge of networking. Web Designers expert in HTML5/CSS3 can help with the presentation part. UX Designers would help the interface part. Music Composers, Graphic Designers would help the side project. If you are proficient in any of these fields, you can be a great help to Trajectory when it gets launched.
  • I deeply admire the open-source community. The copyright notice is just there for two reasons. The license I had for some stocks didn’t allow me to let the viewers of this page reuse them. Furthermore, the contents you see, were soley created for this page. This means I am not going to reuse them even for creating my new website. The copyright notice is just for keeping the originality of the work. I will keep contributing to the open-source community for sure.
Copyright Notice
All the contents you see on this page is licensed by me or their respective owners, as stated in the credits section. You are not allowed to reuse, redistribute and modify any of the visual and aural items. See FAQ for more information on this notice.
Door Stock by Marcelo Terraza
Window Stock by Michael & Christa Richert
Clouds Stock by nieTomek
“Begin Again” composed by me is considered a positional music. This means not the time, but your position along the page moved the music forward. This positional version cannot be reused for any purposes. A free timed version will be released on bandcamp soon.
Products Involved
HTML5 Powered with CSS3 / Styling, Graphics, 3D & Effects, Multimedia, Performance & Integration, and Semantics