– so, we don’t have much time? – yes, and we need to be fast. – but, I cannot let go. – you have to. that’s the only way. – just give me some seconds. – what are you waiting for? – there must be something more. – like what? – you’re right. it’s pointless. – I bring the luggage. – wait, what? – we need to leave! – but... – we are not going to a place. – so, what is going on? – we are leaving a state of mind. – but what is this luggage? – dead memories. – oh god. I hate memories. – but we need them. – what for? – to stop you from doing the same mistake. – are we alone in this? – yes. and I will leave you, too. – can’t you just stay? – I cannot wake with you. – why? we can make it together. – I’m just a thought in your dream. – I’m not going to make it. – look! they’re coming. – who are them? – dead memories. – I think we need to run. – keep this. – a pearl? – it’s the only way to waking up. – holy god! they’re unpacking the luggage. – run! you need to leave right now! – I cannot leave you here. – if they catch you, you will sink forever. – but I’m not ready. – getting ready is nonsense. leave right now! – okay. but which path should I take? – just run, when you got to the edge, jump! – what if I fall? – you won’t. it’s a dream! – and what happens next? – no one knows. it’s the end of the dream. – why should I wake? – you’re trapped. – I’m not really sure. I feel free. – you keep repeating the same, is that free? – I don’ just happens the same. – and that’s exactly what they do. – what? – they keep telling you that you are a victim. – the dead memories? – the thoughts of past, they keep you in a cage. – so, they’re unpacking the whole pack of memories. – you don’t have anything here. leave right now. – my heart yearns to stay... – face it. it’s not going to happen! – why? I can’t convince myself. – you don’t need a reason! you need to choose. – but my heart won’t let me. – stop lying! it’s not your heart. it’s a simple thought. – I can’t see this. – I know it’s hard. – maybe someday I get it. – it’s now, or never. – I can’t endure this turmoil anymore. – just look at them. what are they doing? – they’re walking with closed eyes? – yes. they have no fucking idea what is going on. – maybe we should just fix them? – they cannot be fixed. they’re dead! – but running away is always a bad idea. – you’re not running away. you’re just waking up. – you know what’s hard about this? – what? – letting go of things that you once believed in. – but you have to. – I think, reason, read the signs and then, nothing! – what do you expect then? – at least they could’ve told me don’t stay here! – do you believe the signs were wrong? – I’m not sure about anything anymore. – you’re ready to leave. – wait, what? – I never told you who I am. – you told me. a thought in a dream? – that’s true. but that’s just a part of the story. – so, who are you exactly? – there comes a place, where thoughts collide. – what do you mean? – when you begin a thought that contradicts everything. – what happens then? – that thought can break every single pattern of mind. – so, you mean you are this? – and you know the name, doubt. – the doubt, you are the doubt! – tell me again, do you believe the signs were wrong? – once I thought so. but now, I don’t really know. – so, you are ready to wake up. – how do you know? – I’m here and talking to you, and you are full of doubts. – and now, do I need that luggage anymore? – all you need now, is getting out of this place. – okay. I’m ready to leave. – do you still have the pearl? – yes. – you don’t need it anymore. – why? – it just gave you a thought, that you can wake up. –, is this the end? – I think so. – how long will it take? – you’re close. very close. – how long? give me a number. – maybe a week or maybe a month. – why that long? – you have a lot to let go. – that refrains me from leaving... – no, it’s not a matter of hard work. – then what is it? – it’s like drowning. you just need to stay calm. – you mean one month of drowning? – drowning is fast. you may try to go back. – why should I? – waking up involves killing a dream. – hmm... – and a part of you is inside the dream. – which means I should kill myself? – killing the illusion. the mind-made self. – fine. that’s it. it’s time to go. – now run, and don’t look at the memories. – should I start a countdown? – no. we set a hard deadline of one month. – what happens after that? – if we don’t see you by then, we can assume you failed. – so, I don’t have much time? – yes, and you need to be fast. [ something big is close. keep watching this place. ]