This is about an ending.
But wait a second...why?
I can't wait for things to load, just why?
My very portfolio website is going off the internet.
And, it's not for maintenance.
This is about a change.
Everything that has a beginning, has an end.
This place will get off the internet,
And will be off, until I find the true reason,
To bring it back to life.
So, how would this affect your life?
It is a simple sign. If you are waiting for one.
That what you have, is not what you are.
This is a simple sign. And dares you to end.
To end chasing things you don't have.
To know your worth is not from them.
So, this place will end.
To send a signal, to all those people.
Out there in their daily life.
Waiting for a change.
Or a miracle.
To ask them to stop.
What you don't have now, You don't need it now.
Make a new road.
Get back to the place.
Where you belong.
They can't steal that.
It's not about a race.
It's not a challenge.
That's just finding the place.
That you have been all along.
But never saw before.
Here, Now. That's where you belong.
No past. No future.
So dare.And burn it down.
This was brought to you with love,
by Kamyar Infinity.
This place will get back one day, but not today.
Take care.
Self-Destructing in 10 seconds...

Part of Trajectory project.
I was fair, less than 5MB of your bandwidth was used.
And you know, HTML5 rocks.

The soundtrack is “This Is Why I Was Born” by 8Dawn.